For 65 years Giacomo Milano has been a culinary parlor, an authentic lifestyle made up of mutual exchange, warmth and kindness. It consists of traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients.

Giacomo's good food and conviviality represent a way of life, in Milan and elsewhere. Today you can find our restaurants in exceptional locations: by the sea, at the lake and in the Tuscan countryside.


The essence of Giacomo Milano is portrayed through the courtesy and consideration we reserve for our guests, and the excellence of fresh produce and traditional flavours. These are places of timeless elegance, where you can experience authentic Italian conviviality.

Taking care of our guests
Atmosphere and conviviality
The pleasure of excellence
The identity of our locations

"...Milan has taught me that in life there are steps, if one knows how to take them, if one knows how to seize the right moment, then things work out. Then Milan taught me that you have to believe in things. It was in Milan that I became Giacomo: before, to everyone, I was just known as Giacomino'.


The excellence of Giacomo Milano for a private event in our restaurants.