Giacomo a casa tua!

Per arrivare da voi con i sapori della nostra tradizione, dall'aperitivo al dolce.........

Since 1958

An extraordinary man, a trailblazer, a dreamer capable of sensing the changes of his time and seizing any opportunity. Truly and mostly, a passionate and tireless worker who made good food his stage.


Milano taught me that life is made of changes; if you learn how to seize them, if you succeed in catching the wave, then things start working out.  Milano also taught me that you have to believe in things and indeed, anytime I truly believed in a dish, a work, a love, things went all right. You know why? Believing in one thing is already half of the work. Milano made me Giacomo: before coming here, everyone called me little Giacomo”. 

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Da Giacomo
A unique place that recalls the atmosphere of the Milanese trattorias of the early 1900s, where to discover the dishes of classical Italian cuisine and savour selected high quality raw materials. A popular place, beloved by Milanese. 
A classic French Bistro, to indulge in a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere, for a chic and elegant touch of delighting charm.
Nestled in the very heart of Milan, inside Museo del Novecento, Giacomo Arengario boasts an incomparable view on Piazza Duomo from its terrace, where you can sip a drink or have something to eat.
A Tuscan village full of art and culture where one can dine in a classic and elegant restaurant.
Al Lago
Giacomo Milano and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo come together on Lake Como, giving life to an unforgettable ‘pieds dans l’eau’ experience.
A foodie’s hangout to taste the typical specialties of Giacomo’s gastronomy.
A store-restaurant, in the west of Milan, with selected products of the highest quality.
A tiny pastry shop offering homemade specialties. A true delight for whoever has a sweet tooth
Next to the Milan Duomo, in the magnificent setting of Royal Palace, Caffè di Palazzo Reale is a grand museum-café where culture, art and food blend together. An ideal place to enjoy a coffee with delicious croissants, tempting cold dishes or high quality teas. 
Ritrova il fascino delle antiche drogherie italiane e l’autenticità di un tradizionale bacaro veneziano.
E’ attivo un servizio di catering su richiesta, chiavi in mano, tagliato su misura per soddisfare ogni tipo di esigenza.
Al Salviatino
Giacomo Milano and Il Salviatino come together in Fiesole, on the outskirts of Florence to give life to an unforgettable gastronomic experience focused on authentic Italian tradition with raw materials at km 0 from the organic vegetable garden.
Delivery service
Giacomo at your place – we bring you the flavours
of our best tradition, from aperitif to dessert.

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An evolving family project

An adoptive child of Milan, the Tuscan Giacomo Bulleri created a catering empire in a more than sixty-year career. As a young man, he moved from his hometown in Tuscany to Turin to work his way up the ladder as a chef.

He is in his thirties when he arrives in Milano to open his first restaurant, Trattoria da Giacomo, in via Donizetti, next to Camera del Lavoro. The brave choice he took in 1958 marks the beginning of a success story, driven by a great passion for good food and the classic dishes of the Italian culinary tradition (roasts, boiled meats, risotto), Milanese families came to love so much.  

In over 30 years of full activity, his Trattoria became a preferred meeting point for business lunches and dinners. Its unique stylish service and gastronomic selection well summarizes the stylistic signature of Giacomo; great attention to detail, high quality raw materials, a warm and welcoming touch of conviviality.  The ‘90s mark a new turning point for Giacomo, he decides to move his historical Trattoria to a nearby place, Via Pasquale Sottocorno 6, and transforms it into a cozy-chic restaurant, Da Giacomo, that quickly establishes itself as a flagship of the Made in Italy excellence and comes to be internationally renowned.

Its seafood cuisine conquers any palate, and the très chic, vaguely retro atmosphere enchants the numerous Milanese and international guests, including celebs, actors, singers, directors, stylists and more. Giacomo Bulleri amazes the city with new openings; in the same Via Sottocorno he inaugurates the Bistrot, the Pasticceria, the Rosticceria, the Tabaccheria, and the Gastronomia in the west side of Milan. There is more.  Giacomo Arengario Restaurant, set in the evocative location of Museo del Novecento, and Caffè Letterario di Palazzo Reale finally fulfill Giacomo’s dream of an opening in the true heart of Milano, Piazza Duomo. A life’s reward for so much commitment, passion and hard work.

The latest opening, Restaurant Giacomo Pietrasanta, closes the circle and brings the great chef “home” as it is set in a tiny Tuscan village rich in history, art and culture. A place boasting a beautiful and romantic garden where to sit and eat, in the shade of a lush vegetation. Today, to continue the great work of Giacomo Bulleri, there is his daughter Tiziana together with her husband, Marco, the couple’s two daughters, Elena and Giulia, and their husbands, Dario and Cristian.