In the very heart of Milano, you can indulge in a magnificent French bistro’s atmosphere; classic in furniture, modern in design, and with an international flavour.

Architects Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli reinterpreted the essential elements of a certain kind of French décor, such as the gentleman’s club-style bookcases with shelves of Morocco leather-bound gold-stamped books, to convey a cosy familiarity.

Its three rooms, interconnected by arches, are just fabulous when it gets dark and the soft lights create a true night charm, a sophisticated, conspiring intimacy. The menu reflects the warm and friendly atmosphere of the interior decor and presents numerous classic dishes based on great quality and fresh meat and fish, such as crispy roll of cuttlefish with mushrooms and thyme-mayonnaise, the Grignano calamarata pasta with Italian rabbit sauce, and a selection of fine meats such as the rib-eye of Black Angus.

Not to miss a thing of your dining experience, inside, as well as in the outdoor area, you can taste fresh oysters and champagne or white truffle dishes with a fine selection of red wines decanted by the sommelier, maker of an outstanding wine list.
The late closing of this popular club, often chosen as a movie set and loved by celebs, makes it a perfect after theatre location. Valet parking available.

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6 Milano
Mon - Fri 19:30 - 00:00
Sat - Sun: 12:30 - 00:00