Da Giacomo

We are in a suggestive, elegant, sophisticated setting, reminiscent of the Milanese trattorias of the early twentieth century. Conceived and designed by architects Renzo Mongiardino, and his successor Roberto Peregalli, the place is evocative of past times, with its wooden paneling surmounted by embossed wallpaper, stucco details, arches and patterned marble floors.
At the cozy bar area, you can anticipate dinner by sipping an aperitif selecting from a wide range of cocktails or dining at the counter with oysters and other crudités. The menu is a jubilation of seafood specialties and you can choose fresh fishes from a dedicated window.  You can order the catches of the day and ask them to be cooked in the way you preferred: grilled, baked in foil, meuniere, Livorno-style, etc.

In addition to Giacomo signature’s dishes, such as seafood salad and Gnocchetti alla Giacomo, there are current iconic dishes, such as Octopus Luciana-style or Tortelli cacio e pepe with red shrimp tartare and bottarga, that are a new must-try in all the group’s restaurants.
The choice to utilize only high quality ingredients is also a question of selecting seasonal foods; not surprisingly, in autumn, for instance, dishes are based on white truffles of Alba and porcini mushrooms. The desserts, all entirely homemade in the family’s nearby Pasticceria, are worth a special mention.
For Giacomo, care and customer service are key and not limited to his place; you can book a home cook to prepare high-level specialties at your home, or order cooked dishes form Giacomo’s menu (via delivery service).
Valet parking service available to facilitate access to the restaurant.

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6 Milano
All days 12:30 - 15:00 | 19:30 - 00:00
+39 02 76023313