“I love Pietrasanta for its elegant, sophisticated cultural atmosphere. The village and its inhabitants are deeply rooted in the territory, tough open to international influences” so Giacomo Bulleri spoke of the Tuscan village, so rich in history and beauty, a jewel, which has become an internationally renowned cultural hub.

The magnificent restaurant is nestled in the heart of the village and boasts one of the most gorgeous private gardens in Versilia (if not the only one!) Framed by a lush vegetation, it is the place to be for a summer dinner en plein air.

The small internal rooms are reminiscent of the true Giacomo-style, a timeless elegance, never cheeky. When the weather is colder, you can enjoy a good, classical boiled meat dish, maybe basking in the warmth of the fireplace.

The actual star of the kitchen? Seafood! Every day local fishermen bring the catches of the day (the restaurant is only a few miles from the sea) ready to be served the way you prefer after you have personally selected your fish from the inviting display, overlooking the main room of the restaurant.

Every dish is cooked impeccably to enhance the quality of raw materials. They are so well chosen and fresh there is no need to do much to them. This is Giacomo’s philosophy. You just need to leaf through the menu and make your choice: seafood dishes like king crab with orange sauce and chamois tomato, swordfish cannelloni with parmesan cheese and fresh homemade pasta with shellfish.

The menu is tempting and so are the daily specials: a great selection of carpaccio, tartare and catch of the day baked, cooked, grilled, etc. What else? The wine list is curated by a sommelier and “Bomba” the traditional dessert of Bulleri’ s family. An actual delicacy to ice the cake.

Via del Marzocco 19, 55045 Pietrasanta (Lu)
Tue - Sun: 19:30 - 23:30
Open on Monday 24/4 and Monday 1/5
Restaurant will be closed Wednesday 26/4 and Tuesday 2/5
+39 0584 300 272